How to Keep Your Garden Healthy Throughout Winter

Spring is on the horizon, but winter still has a few tricks up its sleeve! From frosts to pests, here’s how to keep your garden healthy for the rest of winter.

Ice, Ice, Baby

It can get pretty frosty during winter in Australia, especially in the southern states. So—if you haven’t already, it’s important to protect your precious plants from the icy temps. Why? Because sub-zero temperatures can cause ice to form inside your plant, leading to permanent, potentially deadly damage. Good news is there are a few steps you can take to swiftly frost-proof your plants. First, move any potted plants under the balcony, or into a greenhouse. Next, cover any small, exposed plants with a cloche or upside-down plastic pot. Finally, try applying some frost protection spray to any medium-sized plants that can’t be covered. Easy!

Garden, or Lake?

In most parts of Australia, the rain has tapered off a bit. But when it does rain, the water tends to really stick around (thanks to lower temps and less sunlight). If you’re noticing pooling in your lawn or garden beds, it’s best to address the issue ASAP! Standing water can cause a whole load of problems for your plants. Grab a pitchfork and pierce the ground wherever there’s a build-up of excess water. The water should then begin to drain. Make sure to check for pooling after every heavy bout of rain for best results.

Bug Begone

Some plants aren’t a huge fan of winter weather, so you’ve probably lost a plant or two by now. That’s okay—it’s bound to happen. But what you do now could make a big difference to the rest of your garden. Dead or weakened plants attract pests and diseases like crazy. Sadly, these pests won’t stop at munching on your compromised plants—they’ll begin to infect your healthy plants too! So, as soon as a plant dies or is sick beyond recovery, dispose of it in your green waste bin post haste!

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