How to Care for Your Lawn in Summer

Summer is finally here—so, it’s time for beach trips, backyard barbeques… and bit of warm-weather lawn care!

Here are a few tips to keep your grass happy and healthy this summer.


Cutting your grass too short can cause stress and die-back, especially during warmer weather. Why? Because with shorter grass blades, the roots of your lawn will receive less shade and more sun, leading to moisture loss and overheating. Plus, with less surface area to convert nutrients from the sun, your lawn will be weakened and more prone to disease! So, for best results, raise the height of your lawn mower this summer, and ensure you never trim more than a third of your lawn’s foliage.


Moisture stress is one of the most common causes of a sickly lawn. Depending on the type of grass you have, you should aim to water your lawn at least twice a week in summer (if water restrictions allow). To make the most of every drop and allow the water to penetrate deeply, consider applying a good-quality, long-lasting wetting agent. This way, your lawn will stay healthier, won’t dry out as quickly, and you won’t spend as much on your water bill!

Pro tip: water in the morning before it gets hot, so your lawn will have time to absorb the moisture before the beating sun causes it to evaporate.


Thicker, healthier roots = better drought resistance. But how do you encourage your lawn to grow thick, sturdy roots? With a good feed, of course!

It’s ideal to fertilise your lawn in spring—when it begins to regrow. But, if you missed the boat, feel free to give your lawn a bit of a summer snack. Apply a ‘no burn’, slow-release fertiliser as soon as possible, to give your lawn the best chance of survival. Just note; avoid applying fertiliser on days above 30 degrees Celsius. Fertilising your lawn in excessively hot weather can cause burns (even with a no-burn formula!) and could stress your lawn into an early grave.


Compact soil is never good for your lawn—but in summer it can be deadly! So, seek out compact patches of soil, and aerate accordingly. Otherwise, moisture, fertiliser, and nutrients won’t find your lawn’s roots, and you’ll be left with crispy, brown, dead patches. Yikes!

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