Gardening – Do You Dig It?

Even if you don’t have green thumbs and manage to kill every plant in sight, gardening is not only good for physical health, it also has a healing effect on mental health. Gardening gives us a sense of responsibility. It allows us to be nurturers and keeps us connected to other living things. Most of all, gardens have the power to make us relax and let go!

Maybe you would like to learn, or maybe you already have a love for gardening but don’t feel confident to manage it on your own. Why not tackle some gardening with a gardening buddy? You may be surprised what you can achieve, and most people love some company and support when they are gardening.

At Simply Helping, we provide gardening and in-home companionship to encourage independence and well-being. Here are a few tips to help you have some fun and success in the garden.

Top 7 Gardening Tips

  1. Location, location, location.

Just like real estate, it’s all about placing your plants in the right location. Plant them where they will thrive, and you can enjoy looking at them.

  1. Great soil.

Starting with soil that is rich in nutrients and well drained will help your plants flourish. Replace the soil in the planting area with some quality soil – and you are off to a great start.

  1. Choose wisely.

Like choosing a good partner, it’s important to choose the right plants for the right conditions. Consider your available space. Check the label that comes with the plant to see how tall and wide it will grow.

  1. Sun, sun, sun, here it comes.

Some plants like sun more than others, and most plants need at least 4 – 6 hours of sun each day. Make sure you check how long the sun is shining on your favourite planting spots.

  1. Water boy.

Plants need the right amount of water. You can buy a moisture tester, or you can simply push your finger into the soil and feel if it’s too dry or too wet.

  1. Try a little pot.

Many people have great success gardening with pots, and the added benefit is that they are portable. A variety of plants thrive in pots, including fruit trees, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

  1. Feed and Mulch.

If you feed your plants with a boost of nutritious plant food (according to the label) and mulch the surface of the soil to retain moisture in summer, you will be rewarded.

Grab your gardening gloves and enjoy some outdoor therapy!

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