Work Registration

TAKE CARE: Please understand that due to the number of Work Registrations received, if any field is not filled out correctly or any required document not uploaded, your Work Registration will NOT be accepted and no correspondence will be entered into.

Your input below will also form part of our Work Registration procedure.

Any documents that need to be uploaded must be in a recognised format – of which there are far too many to explain here. Generally, the most popular formats are acceptable (i. e. jpeg, jpg, pdf).

There are two ‘Upload’ fields; one for your Résumé/C. V. and the other for your three WORK referrals with the file name appearing next to the ‘Upload’ button. If they are insufficient, send any extra document as e-mail attachment(s) or facsimile to your local office ensuring both you (as sender) and the document are clearly identified.

simply helping work online registration

simply helping work online registration