Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Simply Helping’s in-home pet minding is a great alternative to boarding your valued companion.

We don’t just feed your animals … we pay extra attention to care for your pet – just like you do.

Our helpers are carefully selected for their love of animals. They spend quality time with your pet in the environment they know best.

Depending on what you want for your pet, visits can happen once or twice a day, or more, for: Exercise and play; Walking the dog; Feeding, and Cleaning of pet-space.

Your companion has our full attention, because all pet care is provided one-on-one. We closely follow the pet’s usual routine and stay alert for signs of stress and anxiety.

No other dog will join yours for walks. Pet minding isn’t just for dogs and cats.

Petg Sitting and Walking

Simply Helping can also care for birds, fish, rabbits, horses and many other animals. You can relax knowing someone responsible is taking care of your pet.

Our pet sitters can also been seen to help deter burglars while you are away.

We can give your home a lived-in look by collecting mail and newspapers, turning lights on and off and watering indoor plants.

Whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, give your companion as good a holiday as you enjoy.

And give yourself peace of mind.

Reach-out to someone who understands