About Us

We have been helping clients gain a better life-style, dealing with their particular needs and maintaining a greater level of comfort since early 1998. And loving it!
When I commenced the business single-handedly, it was a major learning curve, not only on the general office front, but also accumulating (and maintaining) the knowledge necessary to give our clients what they need in the best and most effective manner.
Web site design and publication was seriously considered in getting our message ‘out there’ and with the great work of my partner David, he was able to come up with a design, which has been consistently updated with the latest features and new, fresh text offering our viewers a better understanding of where we’re coming from.
During these years, we have serviced and helped clients in Victoria from all walks of life with all sorts of needs – young and old and in-between. Some clients and staff have been with us for in excess of 12 years.
From that growth curve, we’ve established (and continue to establish) a framework of franchises across Australia, all offering services equal to, or exceeding expectations in strict accordance with the highest standard of ethics and morals, with each franchised office and staff member living locally.
I believe our major attributes are the abilities to ‘ listen | comprehend | act’. Everybody is different and we’re here to tell you that we’re able to deal with each client, tending to her / his individual needs and requirements.
Whilst our caring nature is unsurpassed and demonstrated to our clients, staff members are equally compassionate in what they do, whether it’s home help, respite or personal care, or the myriad of other services.
With the NDIS getting up to speed, there are many people coming on-board to achieve better care and a satisfactory outcome with Simply Helping.

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The Growth Curve
At the beginning in 1998, the regions of Loddon-Mallee, Central Highlands and Djerriwarrh, South West, Gippsland South and West, and Geelong and Barwon were established, with the central office continuing to operate with an administration assistant.
Central Office administered all of these regions, and it was truly a handful!
Gippsland South and West was the first region to be franchised, followed by South West Victoria (2012) and Central Highlands and Djerriwarrh.
In 2014, Geelong and Barwon commenced business.
During the last five years, five offices opened in Melbourne covering the:

  • Bayside Peninsula,
  • Inner and South East,
  • Eastern – joined Greater Eastern to become Eastern in February, 2019,
  • Greater Eastern, and
  • North East.

with one each in:

  • regional Victoria in the Goulburn Valley,
  • regional New South Wales at Illawarra,
  • metropolitan Perth, and
  • metropolitan Sydney.

It is through these gateways, that we are meeting the challenges of helping our clientele achieve what is expected, and rightfully deserve, in an honest and transparent manner.
Angela Feery~Richards

about us,simply helping,contact us